Gal Gadot At It Again

I was looking for a photo of you all night on my phone but I couldn't find one, so I wanted to ask mom to send me one but she didn't answer..that's the annoying thing about traveling.. There's always something you need that you left back home. And then I got into the car, going to work out with stunts and meetings with PJ for WW, and Katy, my assistant goes "Hi, I found this real sweet video of you and I think your grandpa".. She had no idea today is the holocaust remembrance day, and didn't know I was looking for a photo of him/us all night… I wasn't surprised.. My grandpa is always with me.. That's not the first time he pops out of nowhere.. That's how he used to be.. With his special sense of humor and always there for us. Even though he went thru hell. Lost his ENTIRE family in Auschwitz.. He chose to believe in good. I miss you saba. I love you. And thanks for helping out with finding a photo of us. I've never seen this video before and it made me cry. And as I think of you today, at this very moment of remembrance, which is also a call for all of us to act against discrimination of any kind. Anywhere in the world.

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I found this once against just scrolling through my Instagram. I noticed it was from April 11th and I assumed it was something about Holocaust Remembrance and was right. I thought it was really sweet and was happy that she played tribute to her Grandpa who was a survivor of Auschwitz. It is crazy to me how it is just her Grandpa, that would make her part of the third generation which we have talked a lot about. She is the only person that I have seen on my Instagram even to simply address anything related to the Holocaust and I think it is really cool that she does even now that she is such a huge movie star.

I think the only thing I found a little problematic is that she is comparing it to every type of discrimination. I know she is trying to send out a positive message, but the Holocaust was a lot more than discrimination. She is kind of trying to make it more universal which we have talked a lot about in class, which has never been my favorite thing. This was not that problematic though. I think it is really important for people that a majority of the population knows to talk about issues like this. I would have never known that she came from a family of a survivor and I thought it was really cool honestly. Even famous people have connections to this and I think that its awesome that she is bringing attention to it and still remembering it today.

Holocaust Survivor Calls Out Trump

I have been having a hard time finding more things to write about in my blog so I ended up just typing “Holocaust” in twitter and seeing if anything came up and this was something that really caught my eye. I’m not sure it would be considered pop culture, but I know that I couldn’t find it anywhere else on the internet other than on twitter and there were a lot of likes on it as you can see. It was not trending, but I think that this is something that is important to share.

Someone calling out Trump and American government on not being patriotic is actually hilarious because the whole idea behind Trump being President is that he will bring America back to what it once was, back to being patriotic basically. The fact that it is a Holocaust Survivor makes it even better because someone who underwent some of the worst atrocities is calling out our president for taking in refugees and not upholding America’s core values. It is honestly just a huge slap in the face to America overall. He literally went so far as to say that the government was “trashing American values” which ought to be a huge problem for our government since that is exactly what they have been claiming to uphold since they have gotten into office.

I think this is really powerful because before World War II we know that America was not willing to let in Jews despite the fact that we knew they were being persecuted. Now, we have to ask ourselves, why aren’t we letting in these refugees? Are we making the same mistakes?

Will and Grace – Sweatshop, Annie & the Annoying Baby Shower

Will and Grace is a popular show from the 90’s I believe that just started having a reunion season. They oftentimes make political jokes on the show which is why I watch and pride themselves on a live studio audience. In this particular episode that I was watching on Hulu Karen made a comment about Anne Frank. She had put a bunch of kids from an acting class in an office to avoid dealing with them and told them they were doing the play “Anne Frank” where they had to stay in the attic and be silent, then went on later to compare it to the play Annie saying they both had dogs and got adopted by a rich, bald man which is obviously not true. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the reference just because it kind of down played the iconicness of Anne Frank, but I think that may have been part of the outlandish humor. I did laugh at the remark because it was pretty outlandish for Karen to say that just because obviously it makes no sense.

I also found it surprising to be in this show just because the main character is Jewish and consistently mentions that she is Jewish somewhat as a means to excuse some of her quirks, but maybe that is the reason that they thought this reference was okay. I am not sure if the author of this episode or anything is Jewish though.

I highly recommend this show, especially if you lean more towards the left politically. It can be really hilarious.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 2.0

The reference is at around 2:02 of the video.


Although Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has already been mentioned, the latest season finale referenced Hitler and I felt the need to post about it. As soon as I watched it and heard the reference I was so excited to post about it. The song is satirical in the sense that it says that nothing is anyone’s fault and that you can get away with anything because of psychological drama. So this reference to Hitler is that it wasn’t actually his fault because his “brother died and that made him really sad.” Obviously this is all incredibly outlandish and wrong because they talk about serial killers as well. It is just kind of a big joke of a show.

I wasn’t completely sure how to feel about it because I thought it may have taken it too far, although I did laugh. I think they were just being outlandish and trying to make the song as ridiculous as possible by acting like nothing is anyone’s fault and that people no longer take responsibility for their actions. The song itself was really funny, but sometimes it’s not someone’s fault, at least in my opinion. Hitler = totally his fault. Obviously. So the joke works in that sense. I mean I think the show is really funny so I can’t really say a bad thing about it, but I do know that this song was something that made me feel a little uneasy and I’m not sure if it was because of the Hitler reference or the point they are trying to make. Somehow, though, I managed to laugh throughout the entire song anyway.

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Holocaust Tweets

I found out about this guy from the Anti Defamation League since and checked out his twitter just to be sure he really was this crazy of a guy. As I scrolled through his twitter I saw multiple anti semitic remarks as well as direct hits at the Holocaust. I included just one today but feel free to look at the rest of his twitter if you want to be upset. The reason this would count as pop culture is because this guy actually has retweets and is now coming up in news stories. He is trying to take the place of Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House and I feel like scrolling through his twitter we see how he is gaining more traction every month.

The image that I posted above is just kind of rude, he is trying to make a joke out of the Holocaust and act like it has already happened to white people by insinuating that the German’s did nothing except starve the Jews and because of that it is not that big of a deal. I think this is important because I know that we will soon be discussing this idea of Holocaust deniers and through this it makes me worried about how many there are out there and how there are people who actually support someone like this.

The problem is that he does not just  post about Jews but about all minorities, making him even worse than expected.

Gal Godot Remembers

Found/posted on January 27, 2018 on her Instagram.

I would say almost everyone in America knows who Gal Godot is, I mean she is Wonder Woman for heaven’s sake. Something that stirred controversy when she was first cast was the fact that she was Israeli and Jewish herself. This puts the fact that she is remembering the Holocaust in a brand new light. Since she identifies as Jewish, it makes sense that she wants everyone in the world to remember such a horrific time in her people’s history. She wants to bring honor to the victims, however, fleeting they may be currently. I was completely surprised when I stumbled across her post just scrolling through insta because I had no idea that it was a day dedicated to the remembrance of the Holocaust.

The interesting thing here, is that she is using her station, as someone famous, to impolore her usage of the #WeRemember. She has a much wider reach than a lot of other Jewish people might and she is using that power to promote the remembrance of the Holocaust. You can see from the photo that over one million people liked the post, and in that bunch I know a couple of my friends who are white and American happened to like it as well. This just kind of shows the difference between our cultures, I think. I did not see anyone else posting about it on any of my social media, but someone who was connected to it and from Israel still feels its importance.

Political Usage of the Holocaust

On January 18, 2018, while I was scrolling through different articles on their website,  the Anti-Defamation League had a huge issue with politician Roger Severino utilizing a Holocaust anecdote to promote the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division.  The issue here is the fact that this division is basically an excuse for employers and other companies to deny healthcare services to people who they believe do not deserve it. A prime example of someone who could be affected are transexual people or anyone who do not identify as heterosexual; the healthcare agency could easily deny them services based on a religious or moral ground. Using the Holocaust in this light seems to be almost ironic in the sense that they are using it as a means to discriminate against people which is exactly what the Nazi’s did. Hitler even  claimed that the reason he wanted to exterminate the Jews was on moral and religious grounds, how dare they try to flip this around as a means to allow religious discrimination.

Although this is not an example of an area of pop culture where the Holocaust is referenced it still raises an issue of how it is being used in America today. This is an example of a current politician using it specifically as a means to okay discriminatory practices among healthcare providers. That is just insane to me. The Holocaust is something that should steer us away from discrimination and lead us to a place of inclusivity not the opposite. There is really no excuse for a politician to use the Holocaust as a means to better the name of their Department.

First found on 1/22/18 through the Anti-Defamation League website when scrolling through different issues on their page.