Haarretz Publishes 18 of the Best Holocaust Films Outside of Schindler’s List


Haarretz, published an article that discusses 18 of the best Holocaust movies other than Schindler’s List. On this list is the movie Denial that was made in 2016, which is a British-American drama about the story of the Deborah E. Lipstadt being sued by David Irving on the grounds of libel. The court case Irving v Penguin Books Ltd case dealt with the accusation of Holocaust denial. The movie discusses how Lipstadt had to prove that Irving’s distorted facts were, in fact, Holocaust denial.

This article gives exposure to some lesser known Holocaust films that are not as popular as Schindler’s List but likely still are very important and have a lot of value. Ths film Denial, in particular, is only two years old but looks very interesting and is about a topic that we had touched on in class.



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