Jake Tapper on Stephen Miller: “calling him a Nazi is a bit too far”

Last week Jake Tapper was interviewed on Terry Gross’s NPR show Fresh Air. Tapper is the anchor of The Lead, a news talk show on CNN. His interview with Gross highlighted some of his notable experiences on the show, and other ventures outside of primary career, such as the recent publishing of his new novel.

In the interview some of the key talking points included a conversation between Gross and Tapper concerning their recent respective interviews with James Comey, the former head of the FBI. Another main topic of discussion was interviews Tapper had had with members of the Trump administration, including Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Miller, notably.

Garnering the most attention was Tapper’s interview Stephen Miller from January. Upon Tapper’s question to Miller concerning Trump’s competency over the “stable genius” tweet, prompted a bombastic tyraid from Miller claiming, ‘fake news’ this,‘fake news’ that, anti-Trump agenda, etc. Not swayed by Miller’s bombardment, Tapper eventually cut him off, and, subsequently, Miller had to be escorted off the premises by security.


I listen to this podcast regularly. I was not expecting this particular interview to invoke the Holocaust, but it did. Following this discussion concerning the Miller interview with Gross, Tapper described his prior relationship with Miller as positive. Additionally, Tapper asserted that he had even defend Miller on certain occasions. He described:  

“Yeah. He was a press secretary on Capitol Hill. And until that morning, I had a fine relationship with him. I mean, I have his number. I have his email. I had even defended him a few times on Twitter and places like that when there were things that I thought had gone too far – like calling him a Nazi I think is a bit too far considering that he’s Jewish.”

The term “Nazi” is loosely used in American political discourse for figures on the left and the right. The employment of this term trivializes its meaning as it relates to the Holocaust, and – as Tapper pointed out – employing it as a label for Stephen Miller, who is Jewish – is quite ludicrous.  


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