Fraternity Expelled for Anti-Semitic Video

While scrolling through Facebook, one of my friends shared a link for an article posted by CNN on April 22nd. This article had received many shares, likes and comments. The article discussed a fraternity Theta Tau that has just been expelled from Syracuse University because the members took part in a anti-Semitic and racist “skit”. A video of this skit was obtained by the student newspaper on campus ‘The Daily Orange” which posted the video to their Facebook group. Soon after the video was posted, students rallied together and protested against the fraternity.

The video also included members saying racist things against African Americans and Hispanics. There were also comments made about women, those in the LGBTQ community, and mental disabled. There was also a reference to Jews being gassed during the Holocaust. Eighteen students are being investigated by the University for possible suspension and expulsion. The president released a statement that he is not investigating the entire Greek Life community at large.

This video was deeply disturbing and hard to watch. It was very hard to watch students at a prestigious university making such ignorant and cruel comments. It made me question if they have been educated not only in the history of the Holocaust, but if they any real education at all.

I have linked the article and video below.

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  1. I saw this video when it first came out, and truth be told I wanted to be more appalled than I was. The content of the video is truly awful, but frat culture is a cesspool of awfulness in general. There have been so many similar videos released over the last few years I feel like we’ve become desensitized to it from frats, and also in comparison to all the sexual assault issues connected to frats things like this can seem more benign

  2. What’s so shocking is the conformity exhibited by the whole fraternity. Not one person stood up to this? Fraternities are high pressure social clubs that make incentives for agreeing with your peers and punish any resistance. Pledges are desperate to get into the club, and cant/wont speak out to change the culture. T

  3. I have to agree that – disappointingly – I was not shocked by this video. This isn’t the first time I have seen these racist/anti-semetic/neophobic messages come out of greek life, and I don’t expect it will be the last time, unfortunately. I also agree – with brennero – that these issues become overlooked because of other things going on at frats, such as deaths (some currently being investigated as murders) ,sexual assaults and rape.

  4. I saw this video as well, and I actually had to look up some terms they were using as I had no idea what they meant, although I knew they had to be racial or ethnic slurs. Again, I agree that I also was not surprised by the content of this video, especially due to experiences and friends experiences at frat houses on our campus.

  5. I share the sentiment of other commentors and do not find this out of place in Greek life. I feel like that culture has such a degree of homogeneity that such vile acts would be less likely to be questioned, given that those spouting this hate have little or no connection to the marginalized peoples they are trouncing upon.

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