Guerrilla Holocaust Memorials Outside Right-Wing Politicians’ Homes

An art collective in Germany has completed a piece where they transported 24 concretes slabs to create an faux Holocaust memorial outside of the home of a right-wing German politician. Their actions are in response to Björn Höcke’s comments that the Berlin Holocaust museum was a “memorial to shame”. The group has also evoked German Chancellor Willy Brandt’s act of falling to his knees in humility at the sight of the memorial to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. The group is attempting to stimulate a similar response as opposed to the the German right’s attitude that the past has passed and there is no sense dwelling on the misguided actions of the past. While their intentions may be in the right place, creating a shame memorial is highly problematic. The idea of a memorial is maintain and foster the connection to the past and to those lost. These slabs of concrete are meaningless. They have no connection or significance to the millions of people killed during the Holocaust.

How an Art Collective Is Mercilessly Pranking Germany’s Far-Right Politicians With Guerrilla Works

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  1. This is a pretty incredible statement, and I really like the idea. The politician seems to be the one who doesn’t understand what the memorial exists for. Perhaps he can reflect on it every morning when he goes to work.

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