Documentary on Brazil’s Military Rule being Compared to Hitler

I recently came across an Atlantic article that talked about how a newly planned Netflix documentary series was to dramatize the military government rule that was present in Brazil up until the 1980s. Politicians in Brazil have been quick to criticize the series for the unfavorable and biased angle that the series would have. Brazil’s former president Dilma Rousseff released a statement where she likened the series to “a movie where Winston Churchill makes a deal with Adolf Hitler to attack the United States.” Obviously, this is a truly problematic statement. The idea of evoking the Holocaust and Hitler as a way to ratchet up an argument is something that we have talked about a great deal in class. However, this does not help Rousseff’s argument as the idea of using Nazism as the ultimate evil for the purposes of comparison is useless. If you are creating a pinnacle that cannot be recreated, then by drawing comparisons between a bad political dramatization with Nazism; you are degrading the scale and scope of the atrocity that was the Holocaust and the Nazi regime.

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