Popular Queer Artist Remembers the Holocausts

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, popular queer artist known as Kimchi Cuddles posted a drawing and a paragraph remembering the Holocaust. Their comics are popular in queer communities, Kimchi Cuddles boasts a 30,000 follower count on Facebook. They made a point to remember the 6 million Jewish victims that had been killed, and afterwards included other victims of Nazi terror, like disabled people, queer people, and Roma people. They themselves are Jewish and wrote about their personal experience with anti-semitism.

The post ends with a warning about how dangerous it is to separate groups of people into “us” and “them”. Ending with, “Today I remember you, everyone who’s family was directly affected by the Holocaust, and light a memorial candle because today I remember that your family is mine too”.

The memorial was a touching one, and Kimchi Cuddle’s reminder of current antisemitism does not let people of the hook in this act of remembrance.

I was surprised when this post appeared on my Facebook feed. I follow Kimchi Cuddles for the comics they make about the politics of queerness, and I cannot remember seeing a cartoon they have made about the politics of other identities they have.

Unfortunately, antisemitism in the queer community is rampant, in 2017 a group of Jewish women were kicked out of the pride parade for having a rainbow flag with the star of David on it. Kimchi Cuddle’s made a note to draw and post their drawing on Holocaust Remembrance Day to attempt to dispel some antisemitism by reminding her followers where antisemitism, and “othering” in general leads.

See their post here.

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