Gal Gadot At It Again

I was looking for a photo of you all night on my phone but I couldn't find one, so I wanted to ask mom to send me one but she didn't answer..that's the annoying thing about traveling.. There's always something you need that you left back home. And then I got into the car, going to work out with stunts and meetings with PJ for WW, and Katy, my assistant goes "Hi, I found this real sweet video of you and I think your grandpa".. She had no idea today is the holocaust remembrance day, and didn't know I was looking for a photo of him/us all night… I wasn't surprised.. My grandpa is always with me.. That's not the first time he pops out of nowhere.. That's how he used to be.. With his special sense of humor and always there for us. Even though he went thru hell. Lost his ENTIRE family in Auschwitz.. He chose to believe in good. I miss you saba. I love you. And thanks for helping out with finding a photo of us. I've never seen this video before and it made me cry. And as I think of you today, at this very moment of remembrance, which is also a call for all of us to act against discrimination of any kind. Anywhere in the world.

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I found this once against just scrolling through my Instagram. I noticed it was from April 11th and I assumed it was something about Holocaust Remembrance and was right. I thought it was really sweet and was happy that she played tribute to her Grandpa who was a survivor of Auschwitz. It is crazy to me how it is just her Grandpa, that would make her part of the third generation which we have talked a lot about. She is the only person that I have seen on my Instagram even to simply address anything related to the Holocaust and I think it is really cool that she does even now that she is such a huge movie star.

I think the only thing I found a little problematic is that she is comparing it to every type of discrimination. I know she is trying to send out a positive message, but the Holocaust was a lot more than discrimination. She is kind of trying to make it more universal which we have talked a lot about in class, which has never been my favorite thing. This was not that problematic though. I think it is really important for people that a majority of the population knows to talk about issues like this. I would have never known that she came from a family of a survivor and I thought it was really cool honestly. Even famous people have connections to this and I think that its awesome that she is bringing attention to it and still remembering it today.

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  1. This is such a cool post! I think its also interesting that she states how her grandpa “pops out of nowhere” as we talk about how the Holocaust kind of sneaks up on you in pop culture occasionally.

  2. Her bringing up the discrimination of any kind reminds me of the tour guide we had at the Holocaust Museum bringing up bullying at the end of our tour. It starts off so well and just…fails. I don’t think we should be using the Holocaust to teach lessons on discrimination or bullying, but rather remember it for what it was and the atrocities that occurred.

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