Holocaust Survivors Murder Causes Further Questions of Future Safety

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks on March 23, 2018.

On March 23rd a Holocaust survivor was murdered in her Parisian home, and this act has sparked renewed discussion into what the future of Jewish safety will look like. According to the Washington Post, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu reached out the the son of the victim shortly after the murder took place to express the sentiment that “Israel embrace[es] you”. What may have once been read as a statement made just to comfort could be taken much more literally in this day and age. The past five to ten years have seen a sizable increase in Anti-Semitic crime, vandalism, and rhetoric throughout the world but especially in France.

Netanyahu went on to say that “…the struggles of our people are still ahead of us”, echoing a sentiment whispered by Jews globally in a time of uncertain futures. If a Holocaust survivor, by all account a fairly revered class of people in modern times, can face this level of violence it makes it hard to imagine that any of us are safe. As we have talked about in class, the possibility of another attempt at genocide or even just officially sanctioned state violence is real. In my opinion, the sentiments that Netanyahu expressed wouldn’t have seemed out of place in the 1930’s had Israel existed back then. Israel’s presence as both a safe haven and a possible target might change the outcome of the struggle Netanyahu mentions, but only time will tell.




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