Film about the Publishing of Anne Frank Diary

News came out this week that the director of Handmaiden’s Tale, Reed Morano, has gotten the rights to make a movie about Otto Franks experience of getting Anne Frank’s Diary published.

The movie script was bought up in a spec sale. A spec scale in Hollywood is when a script is made before it is bought by a media company. Fox Searchlight reportedly paid six figures for the script, which is one of the most expansive amounts paid this year on a spec script by Fox Searchlight. This shows how popular any story relating to Anne Frank is still a hot commodity in pop culture, especially movies. Even though this script is about Otto Frank’s attempt at publishing Anne Frank’s diary, it just goes to show that the Frank family holds a special place in Holocaust pop culture. This script offers a different take on Anne Frank by taking place after her death, but Otto Frank’s attempt at memorializing her life by having the diary published.

The movie is directed by Reed Morano, a women who has won awards for her directing of Handmaiden’s Tale. ¬†Handmaiden’s Tale is excellently made, it has a lot of nuance, showing that the Handmaidens are more than victims. Even though Morano has done a good job with Handmaiden’s Tale, it does not mean that she will do a nuanced job with a nonfiction story, especially one as serious as Otto and Anne Frank’s. This movie will hopefully have a fresher take on the Anne Frank story, one that has been told multiple times in many different ways. This movie has a lot of potential of showing the serious nature of memorializing victims of the Holocaust. It may also talk about how Anne Frank and her family died after they left the Secret Annex.

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  1. I’m actually here for this movie. LOL. Although the movie didn’t state that they will explain how the Frank family died, I really hope that they do. Ever since reading the Anne Frank Diary I looked for every detail that could tell me exactly what happened to everyone in the attic. I also think getting the script detailing Otto Frank’s every decision could answer a lot of questions that people had from the Diary.

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