Facebook Post Linking Gun Laws to Holocaust

While on Facebook, one of my friends shared an article written on April 1st published by the Washington Post. The article was about a copycat Facebook page that looked as if it belonged to the Republican Party of Virginia Beach. Although the page was not actually made by the party, the post got over 900 shares, which I think, makes it popular culture because of how many views it probably received.

            The post was published soon after the March for our Lives movement where 17 students and staffers were killed in a school shooting in Parkland Florida. This has ignited an even bigger discussion of gun control laws. The post was addressed to the students that walked out of their schools to support the victims in Florida. It basically reads that if Jews were allowed to have guns during the Holocaust there would not have been a Holocaust. It tells students to “pick up a history book and study the US Constitution” to understand why we cannot give up our freedoms.

I found this article extremely insensitive. I was honestly flabbergasted that so many people shared the article. With so many school shootings and problems with gun violence in our country as of current, it is hard to imagine that anyone would find it appropriate to bring the Holocaust into the argument. Jews were isolated and discriminated against before the Holocaust began, and on top of that Jews had no idea the fate that was waiting for them. To say that the systematic murder of six million Jews would not have occurred if Jews were given guns is absurd. They had no hope during the entire tragedy. And no link can be made to our current situation with gun laws.

I have attached a link to the article below.


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  1. I agree, I can see where this article could come off a little insensitive but I don’t think that was their whole intention. From my understanding I believe they are mostly targeting the perpetrators like the Nazis or the people who are starting these shootings inside the schools, and acknowledging how we can’t continue to let these perpetrators get away with their killings and it’s time to stand up for a change.

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