Student Protestor for Gun Restriction Compared to Hitler

On March 26, The New York Post posted an article about Anthony Testaverde comparing a Stoneman Douglas High School student, David Hogg to Hitler and the Nazi Party. This comparison was made as Hogg was captured during the March for our Lives protest in Washington DC holding his right fist up. Testaverde placed this image next to one of Hitler, followingwith Hogg wearing a black memorial band around his arm. This photo is paralleled with a photo of a Nazi armband. The caption of his photo reads “The Democrats are doing Exactly what Hitler did . . He used the Youth todisarm and Control the People This is scary!” His comments and photo have received lots of criticism, but Testaverde has continued to justify his statement.

Recently, comparing the government to the Holocaust has been very prevalent. People continue to compare Trump to Hitler as he speaks out about hating different ethnicities, religions and races. Most of these comparisons come from the far left. I find it surprising as this comparison is the first one I’ve seen by the far right, accusing the Democratic party as being similar to Hitler’s regime. In addition, many political movements often resort to comparing their situation to the Holocaust, making quick comparisons that undermine the importance of their agenda and that of Holocaust history. I find this very problematic as gun control is nowhere near the severity of targeting and attempting to eliminate a culture. While those against gun control have every right to voice their opinions, using Hitler as a way to instill fear in the minds of citizens is not a good way of doing it.

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  1. This is insane to me. I cannot believe that someone actually compared this kid, who is just trying to end gun violence because he saw his friends killed, to Hitler. It seems like a really far stretch especially since Hitler is known for being the “biggest evil” like we have talked about in class. Like I feel like it is super offensive. I honestly even think comparing Trump to Hitler is offensive. I feel like people just use the Holocuast as an excuse to push their political agenda and it’s really disheartening.

  2. I saw this on Facebook! I’m not sure if people purposely made this to slander Hogg or if people actually do not know what that the history of making a fist (civil rights, feminism, black power movements). It seems that people may just be praying on others historical ignorance. Not to mention that the black band is clearly a reference to a supreme court case. This “meme” preys on those that are ignorant to historical movements in the U.S. Great post!

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