Holocaust Jokes on Reddit Front Pages Part 2

A post on reddit last Sunday (3.18.18) showcasing a meme about Nazi logic appeared on the front page. The picture was posted to the r/beholdthemasterrace subreddit, which normally hosts posts criticizing the alt-right and racists. The picture makes the humorous argument that the Nazis are historically known for thinking that Jews were the inferior race while also having a hand in the dealings of everything involved in the world. Here is the post and the top comment:

The comment makes another contradiction jokes about Nazis/the alt-right being Holocaust deniers while also believing Hitler was a hero and saved the world from the Jews. Last week, I post a similar blog post here about another reddit post making Holocaust jokes. In that post, the jokes were puns about Auschwitz, and some comments made jokes that used victims, such as Anne Frank or referencing charred bones. This meme is obviously different than the previous jokes, since here we have humor that critiques Nazis and, essentially, sympathizes with the Jewish victims. I don’t believe very many people could be offended by this picture, except maybe Nazis/alt-right, which is the intent. This seems to be a good example of the answer to the questions of what jokes pertaining to the Holocaust are acceptable, if any.

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