Anti-Semitic Banners Across the U.S.

While browsing the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) website, I came across an article posted on March 14, 2018 regarding the recent anti-semitic and white supremacist banners across the country. The banners have been hung all across the country and the ADL has reported 72 instances of banners since May 2017. These banners are being hung over highways, bridges, and other public areas by white supremacists groups. The article states that the banners can be found all over from “Seattle to Orlando and Los Angeles to Boston” which shows how widespread white supremacist ideals are in our society.

While some of the banners were targeted towards anti-immigration and white supremacy, many of the banners have specifically anti-semitic messages. Messages on these banners say things like “UnJew Humanity” or “The Holocaust is a Lie.” These banners are meant to spread ideologies and messages against Jews or anyone who does not fall into white supremacist ideals.

Example of banners. (ADL)

These banners show how the same ideologies that took place during and allowed for the Holocaust are still present in the U.S. These banners remind me of Nazi-propaganda used during the Holocaust to spread anti-Jewish messages for widespread support of anti-Semitic actions. They were often inaccurate and portrayed false information and stereotypes about Jews. This can be reflected even today with the above banner that claimed that the “Jews Did 9-ll” These banners give us an example of how even decades after the Holocaust, similar sentiments and and attitudes are being expressed throughout society. I would be very shocked if I were driving down the highway and saw such inaccurate and discriminatory messages being portrayed.


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