Adult Sh1t’s #stup1dhistory Mention’s Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank comes up in “Adult Sh1t”–a podcast by Buzzfeeders Kate Peterman and Kelsey Darragh. In one segment, Kate and Kelsey read their favorite tweets from the hashtag of the week, this past week being #stup1dhistory. The hashtag itself doesn’t mean the history has to be “stupid,” but random more than anything else. A few folks tweeted about Anne Frank’s Diary–the fact that her father edited out the parts about her period, masturbation, and menstruation, and the fact that this version is kept out of schools. Kate mentions further Anne’s budding bisexuality, although uncertainly, saying, “I also thought that she talked about liking girls….I don’t know don’t quote me.” It’s interesting how unaware most people are about these things now. Being “in the know” really lets you see how much you didn’t know just a short time ago.

Didn’t mean to rhyme.

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  1. This is good conversation to begin to have, especially considering the figure that Anne Frank has become in American society. In many ways, Anne’s life has only become celebrated because of her death. It seems that in order to make her the perfect Holocaust victim or martyr, she had to become less of a person. Her sexuality was cleansed from her diary so that the public might remember her differently. If we are to remember the Holocaust and its victims, it should be as full human beings: however that may look and however complex.

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