Holocaust Jokes on Reddit Front Page

A post on reddit today (3/12/18) about an old Nazi party rally building being turned in Nuremberg being turned into a Burger King appeared on the front page. The post was posted on the r/evilbuildings subreddit and currently has 19.2k up votes and over 700 comments. I saw the post 2 hours after the original post when it had 2k up votes.

The post has garnished a ton of Holocaust jokes in the comments. Here are some:


Seeing this post has reminded about a few discussions we’ve had about if Holocausts jokes are ever acceptable, and if so, what kind. The joke in the third picture specifically reminds me of the jokes said in the tv special we watched about Holocaust themed cereals. Are these just harmless jokes pointing fun at an old building? Or, does this show the ignorance and insensitivity of a group of people online towards the Holocaust?

The jokes themselves don’t seem to be geared towards those effected by the Holocaust. The main themes of the comments are burgers and names of Nazis, and mostly leave Jews and victims a way from the conversation. This is except for the comment in, again, the third picture which mentions “charbroiled beyond recognition”, as well as the comment in the last picture that mentions Anne Frank (although not in regards to her suffering–just a name drop). It seems that most of these comments are simply puns about history. The point, for me at least, where the comments turn from humor to offense is when they directly bring in the suffering of Jews and others into context. The jokes like “You’re Goering to love it!” and “a Fuhrer with cheese” don’t seem entirely offensive to me, although I could I understand if another person felt they were. Holocaust jokes are most likely unavoidable, especially since we’ve all seen how relevant the Holocaust still is in today’s pop culture, but at what point do we find it okay and at what point is it absolutely unexceptable? And, importantly, who gets to decide?

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