Holocaust Tweets



I found out about this guy from the Anti Defamation League since and checked out his twitter just to be sure he really was this crazy of a guy. As I scrolled through his twitter I saw multiple anti semitic remarks as well as direct hits at the Holocaust. I included just one today but feel free to look at the rest of his twitter if you want to be upset. The reason this would count as pop culture is because this guy actually has retweets and is now coming up in news stories. He is trying to take the place of Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House and I feel like scrolling through his twitter we see how he is gaining more traction every month.

The image that I posted above is just kind of rude, he is trying to make a joke out of the Holocaust and act like it has already happened to white people by insinuating that the German’s did nothing except starve the Jews and because of that it is not that big of a deal. I think this is important because I know that we will soon be discussing this idea of Holocaust deniers and through this it makes me worried about how many there are out there and how there are people who actually support someone like this.

The problem is that he does not just  post about Jews but about all minorities, making him even worse than expected.

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