Volkswagen asks to delay trial after Hitler reference by lawyer

While I was watching the news at the gym, I encountered a news report about a Volkswagen trial and a comment made by an attorney that referred Hitler. I then looked up the article on MSN. The article was published on February 3rd. I found a news video on CNN money, which I have attached the link to.

The U.S. unit of Volkswagen AG asked a judge in Fairfax County, Virginia to delay the trial it is currently facing for over excess emissions and cheating on diesel emission tests. Previously, Germany suspended one of its lobbyists because it had been reported that he had exposed monkeys to toxic diesel fuels. VW asked to delay the trial because a lawyer for hundreds of VW owners said, in an interview on Netflix, that the tests reminded him of peoplebeing gassed in reference to Hitler. VW believed that the comments would make for an unfair trail because the jury would connect the company directly with the Holocaust.

I do not think that the lawyer should have made any reference to Hitler to make a comparison with exposing monkeys to emission gases. While I believe it is extremely inhumane to commit such an act on any animal, it does not compare to the biggest genocide in the history of the world. As we have discussed the memory of the Holocaust in extensive detail, America views the Holocaust as a ultimate tragedy. Hitler is regarding by many the face of evil. To use Hitler’s name in comparison with anything that is not a historical context, I believe, is respectful to the ten million lives that were lost during the Holocaust.

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  1. People are often more outraged about crimes committed against animals than humans. In the TV show Atlanta, a scene unfolds at a gun range when white gun owners confront a black man who is using a silhouette of a dog as his target. His response is to point out that they are shooting at human figures, and that dogs in his neighborhood are violent. The sense of injustice at violence towards humans and animals is the same, but people need to put it in perspective. Violence towards humans involves much more reprehensible motives than animal abuse.

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