Swastikas worn at Renaissance Fair by “King” and “Queen”

While on Southern Poverty Law Center’s website, a nonprofit who monitors hate groups in America, I came across an article published on February 07, 2018. The article highlights a renaissance fair where the “King” and “Queen” wore traditional historical garments that were decorated with swastikas and “HH” on the day of their coronation. The “HH” symbol that could be referring Heil Hitler. The Society of Creative Anachronism, the leading organization for such historical fairs, was outraged by the garments.

The swastika and the HH symbols date back to the 2nd and 8th centuries, the time period for such events, before the Nazis appropriated them. Since news broke out about their garments the “king” and “queen” stepped down from their role and have publicly apologized stating that they did not think before wearing the historical garments.

The question remains, can c
itizens wear swastikas without contributing to support of Hitler and Neo Nazi’s today? I think not. Even if the swastika was used as a symbol in the 8th ce

ntury, it is being used today as a symbol of hate and anti-Semitism. After Hitler made the swastika the leading symbol of the Nazi and the Third Reich, it can no longer be seen with any other meaning but hate. As we talk about memory of the Holocaust, it is important to remember that symbols Hitler used are still being used today to symbolize hate within this country, therefore no group can sport these symbols without appearing hateful.


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  1. This is a crazy story! It seems odd that they did not notice the symbols on their garments. I agree that the symbol has changed meaning over time, and reclaiming it as a different symbol just is not possible as long as neo-nazis use it as a symbol of hate. Great job!

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