Hitler Comparison in Drake’s New Single “Diplomatic Immunity”?

An article published on The Forward on January 24, 2018, analyzes the lyrics of Canadian Jewish Rapper Drake’s surprise single. He says the phrase “Violatin’ the Treaty of Versailles” in first person, as a comparison to the actions of Adolf Hitler after WWI.  As comparisons to Hitler and the Nazi regime are very controversial today, the article asks whether it’s okay that Drake compares himself to Hitler. In recent times, comparing someones bad personality to Hitler has been common, as seen in television, movies and music. This seems to suggest that someone being mean or breaking the rules could be acting like Hitler.

As discussed in class, memories of the Holocaust often frame Hitler as the only bad person responsible for the Holocaust. While his contributions were very large, compliance at many levels enabled Hitler to carry out what he had planned. Especially in Drake’s song and the discourse surrounding it, many American citizens’ memory of the Treaty of Versailles is that Hitler was the one responsible for violating it. After reading this article and listening to the song, it seems reasonable that people are seeing a comparison between Drake and Hitler due to the American memory of the Holocaust.

I think this link between Drake and Hitler is a bit far fetched. After reading the Forward article,  I found another article from Genius that explains more about the meaning behind Drake’s lyrics which suggests that he used this event to reflect on his Instagram handle, @champagnepapi, which violates the Treaty as champagne was protected by French law in this treaty. Although, I find it interesting that many people see this comparison as directly linked to Hitler and his actions which were a precursor to the Holocaust.

Drake’s Song: Diplomatic Immunity.

Link to The Forward article: https://forward.com/schmooze/392751/drake-compares-himself-to-hitler-in-new-song/

Link to the Genius article: https://genius.com/a/drake-may-have-accidentally-compared-himself-to-adolf-hitler-on-diplomatic-immunity

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