Holocaust Remembrance and The Super Bowl LII

According to the Forward on January 26th, remembrance of the Holocaust will be incorporated into the Super Bowl this year. The Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, where any of the hundreds of thousands of people flying into the city for the game will fly into, is going to display the “Transfer of Memory” art exhibit.  According to the exhibit’s website, “Transfer of Memory” tells the story of Holocaust survivors that now live in Minnesota. The exhibit features large colored photos of the survivors with their story written out below it. It will be displayed for the month of January and February in the airport’s terminals.

Photo found on transferofmemory.org.

The intention of the exhibit is to tell the story of the survivors, spread awareness about the Holocaust and its survivors, and serve as a reminder of this horrific event. The “Transfer of Memory” exhibit truly gives a face to the survivors and impacts of the Holocaust even after 72 years have passed.

I think the significance of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport displaying this event is that it shows that the history and stories of the Holocaust are still very relevant and important. For the Holocaust to be remembered in conjunction with the Super Bowl- such a mainstream, American- tradition is a huge effort for mass, significant remembrance to take place. Thousands and thousands of Americans, on their way to see a football game, will be able to take one second to look the faces and read the stories of these survivors.

As we have discussed in class, the Holocaust in recent times is acknowledged in many ways, many times negatively through derogatory jokes or representations. Yet, the “Transfer of Memory” exhibit remembers the Holocaust in an appropriate way, using art and photography to give a visual memorial of the Holocaust. The survivors story’s serve as a historical account of the events and help us understand what the victims went through. I was excited to see that this will take place and that so many people will be exposed to the exhibit. The survivors stories are so meaningful and must be told. It is easy for those who were not affected by, do not study, or are uninformed about the Holocaust to forget about this tragic piece of history or feel disconnected from the victims. The “Transfer of Memory” counters this and will remind Americans that the Holocaust must still be recognized today.

Link to “Super Bowl Tourists Will See Holocaust Photo Exhibit At Minneapolis Airport” https://forward.com/news/breaking-news/392996/super-bowl-tourists-will-see-holocaust-photo-exhibit-at-minneapolis-airport/


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  1. When I read this post, the first thing I did was click the article to see whether the NFL had anything to say about this. As best I can tell, the airport had the idea separately but capitalized on the guaranteed influx of Superbowl fans. Acknowledging that movements do not exist in a vacuum, and the recent idea that America should keep separate sports and politics, as a result of black athlete protests , I’m interested in the response of individual Superbowl attendees and also the NFL.

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