Reflecting on the Holocaust during Trump’s Presidency

Posted on Facebook on Monday, January 22, a woman explained the story of her great grandparents’ struggle in Nazi Germany. The author describes that she is applying for her German citizenship to be restored so that she has a place to flee if need be. She relates the political atmosphere in the US today to the atmosphere in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust, suggesting that they are quite the same. The author included images of Holocaust paraphernalia in her post as a reminder of what hate could lead to.

As easy as it is to jump to conclusions, I believe ideas like this are quite problematic. It seems that comparisons like this undermine the impact of what actually occurred during the Holocaust. The author simply points out that the labeling of groups of people is problematic as it looks similar to the Holocaust, but the Holocaust was much more than labels. As well, one commenter referenced the movie “Schindler’s List” as a parallel to what is happening in the US today. I find this problematic as well, as Hollywood depictions of what occurred during WWII cannot be good representations of history. If the woman who shared this post and those who support it knew more about the gruesome details of the Holocaust, I don’t think these comparisons would be made. It seems that the American memory of the Holocaust has always been one presented in movies or novels as a sugarcoated representation. As discussed in class, many people during and after WWII had a difficult time understanding what really occurred in the Holocaust. This post reveals that perhaps not much has changed since then as the author of the post and some commenters seem to recall a more light-hearted depiction of the Holocaust than what actually occurred.

These old documents below are a reminder of what hate looks like and its insidious nature.I am applying for my German…

Posted by Resist and Be Clear on Monday, January 22, 2018

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