Since the end of World War II and the Holocaust, seventy-three years ago, the world has tried to come to terms with the mass destruction that took place there.  Artists and thinkers of all types have sought various ways of interpreting and representing the horrors that happened during those years.  Simultaneously, the Holocaust has become an icon of evil, encouraging all kinds of uses and abuses of the memory of the event for contemporary purposes.  This usage of the Holocaust to talk about things other than the Holocaust has appeared in every medium and in every country.   It is true that when we open our eyes, the Holocaust (or its representations and references) is everywhere.   It is also true that references to it, especially in the public sphere, often reveal more about the current moment than about the event itself.  This blog therefore serves as an attempt to document and analyze examples of the ways the Holocaust appears in our daily lives in the area of pop culture.  Specifically, it will be situated in our time and place, the United States in 2018,  serving as an archive of our moment as we seek to understand how the Holocaust is being viewed and remembered today.